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Eden’s early days

Chris Sacre and Sean Collins, co-founders of Eden Academy, are passionate about positively impacting the early childhood education industry. After working in the industry for over a decade, they knew they could make the change the industry needed. Their vision included creating an Early Childhood brand that provides children with care that feels like an extension of their own home, and staff an environment where they feel supported and appreciated.

In an interview, Sean Collins said, “there was probably a couple of moments in my life that really defined the reason to do our own childcare centre, and one was actually taking my own daughter to a childcare centre in Melbourne and seeing the trauma that she faced in that first week. From that, it really lead me to the strong belief that a child’s experience in a childcare shouldn’t be too far stretched from what they are having at home.” 

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A home away from home

Drawing from their experiences as dads trying to settle their own children into care, they wanted to emphasise how vital the homely feeling of a centre is. Sean highlighted that they “weren’t going to build institutional-looking facilities.”

Eden’s indoor spaces are crafted with features you’d expect to see in a home; wooden floors, feature wallpaper, and natural finishes. That also means open-plan classrooms that flow into the outdoor environments for easy indoor/outdoor play. In contrast to the highly comical and brightly-themed learning environments or sterile feeling classrooms, which are all too familiar in early learning, Eden aims to provide learning environments that represent the real world. 

It is important to provide children with an environment where they can learn to replicate the life skills and routines they will encounter in everyday life! “Eden as a word really represents someone’s first time in life and we’re personally the first opportunity to provide for them outside of their home, so for us it really gives us a great opportunity to set them up for the future,” Sean said. 

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Quality Education

Chris and Sean also wanted to focus heavily on their staff’s experiences throughout their careers at Eden. “At Eden Academy, family is paramount to us. We think about that in every decision that we make and our staff are just an extended family for us. So we make sure that our staff feel connected and loved as part of their whole journey with Eden,” Chris said.

Eden Academy recognises that in order to provide excellence in care for children, they must also provide excellence in care for their staff. Not only do they want to offer above-award wages, but they also want staff to feel supported in all aspects of their career. They build relationships with their educators by being active contributors to the online community group, where they share shoutouts to recognise the hard work happening at Eden centres across Australia. 

Staff are also encouraged to share their feedback directly with Chris and Sean to keep the communication between the centres and management open. “You know, Sean and I aren’t perfect, we’re two family guys running a childcare group and hopefully, everyday we just make it that much better,” Chris said.

Because of this, Eden Academy has a community feel to it. Staff are celebrated by Chris and Sean on their birthdays, centres get together multiple times a year to socialise and dance, and there is never a lack of laughs.

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Join the Eden Family

Whether you are looking for quality childcare or a new workplace to call home, Eden Academy is the place to be!

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