Toddler Environment

Where children aged 2 – 3 come to put their newfound skills to use.

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Eden Academy Toddler Environment

For Children Aged 2 - 3 Years

After so much growth and development in their first two years of life, our dynamic toddlers are ready to put their newfound knowledge and skills to use.

Our Toddler Environment simultaneously sparks the imagination and inspires calm, with age-appropriate challenges encouraging new ways of thinking. In this age group, our little ones are expanding their wings and experimenting with concepts like sharing, power, independence and kindness.

Our collection of toys and calendar of activities have been selected to bring out the very best in our 2 – 3 year olds and help them overcome any difficulties they face tackling each day. Within these walls, there’s little truth in the terms ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threenager’.

A day in the Toddler Environment

A day in the Toddler Environment is packed with happiness from start to finish. Depending on the time of day you drop by, you might catch our 2 – 3 year olds experimenting with fancy-dress costumes, baking a make-believe cake to serve their friends or stretching outside by our wooden tepee.

Encouraging our little ones to sprout through toddlerdom with joy and contentment, two days in the Eden Academy Toddler Environment are rarely the same. Play and activities encourage both independence and socialisation, while intervals offer nutritious meals, many snacks, and rest time.

It’s within the bright walls of Eden Academy’s Toddler Environment that you’ll remember just how sweet it is to be a kid.

Healthy Meals for Toddlers

Our energiser bunnies require an abundance of nutritious food disguised in simple, yummy dishes. Supplied by us for zero fuss.

Designated Rest Area

The age when daytime sleeps can be challenging but integral. The Toddler Environment’s designated rest area can calm the liveliest of kids into slumber.

Sculpture Program

Continuing to develop upon newly acquired fine motor skills and colour recognition with activities that are fun for little ones without realising the new skills they are developing.

Physical Activity Program

Toddlers need the freedom to experiment with the movement of their bodies, offered frequently through our physical activity programs.

Yoga and Mindfullness

Eden Academy encourages serenity with a Yoga and Mindfulness practise, on the belief that a calm state of mind begins in these formative years.

Weekly Visits From Child Experts

Every week the Toddler Environment is visited by child care experts such as speech, physio and occupational therapists.

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