Pre-Kindy Environment

Where children aged 3 – 4 come to blossom and develop their sense of self.

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Eden Academy Pre-Kindy Environment

For Children Aged 3 - 4 Years

Overflowing with opinions, ideas and enthusiasm, our Pre-Kindy kids are a bundle of fun…and the Pre-Kindy Environment has been modelled accordingly.

Eden’s 3 – 4 year olds are offered a steady introduction to structured learning, allowing them to begin easing towards school years without losing the sense of fun and play.

Confidence blossoms in our Pre-Kindy group as they find pride in their creations, establish bravery with their physical movement and develop genuine friendships with humans of their own size.

Designed to conquer boredom in meaningful and constructive ways, the Pre-Kindy Environment can transform from a lively dance session to a silent mindfulness routine within the space of a few minutes.

A day in the Pre-Kindy Environment

Stepping into our Pre-Kindy Environment, you might assume the setting to be little more than a wonderland of toys and play. In the midst of it all, our little ones are learning at rapid speed…acquiring skills they will utilise constantly throughout their school years.

The distinct needs of this age group invite us to engage our imaginations right through the day, continually experimenting with new textures, ideas and ways of working as a team.

Social skills of our days in the Pre-Kindy Environment, as our little ones start to understand the true meaning of friendships. From Yoga to sports, and mindfulness to mealtimes, each day here is an excursion of pure joy.

Healthy Meals for 3 -4 Years

In our dynamic Pre-Kindy room, nutritious mealtimes are an exciting part of the day filled with new discoveries and lively conversation.

Designated Rest Area

With so much excitement peppered through the day, a place to unwind and recharge is essential for our 3 – 4 year olds.

Sculpture Program

Discovering new processes, shapes and sensory experiences through creative activities such as using fly swatters to paint and creating bracelets from cardboard rolls.

Physical Activity Program

With so much natural enthusiasm for life fizzing inside our Pre-Kindy kids, physical activity is essential to balancing things out. 

Yoga and Mindfullness

Eden Academy encourages serenity with a Yoga and Mindfulness practise, on the belief that a calm state of mind begins in these formative years.

Weekly Visits From Child Experts

Every week the Pre-Kindy Environment is visited by child care experts such as speech, physio and occupational therapists.

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