Nursery Environment

The Nursery is where children aged 0 – 2 come to be nurtured and inspired.

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Eden Academy Nursery Environment

For Children Aged 0 - 2 Years

In the Nursery Environment, our children are beginning to explore the dynamic world around them. These formative years are imperative to growth and happiness, acting as the building blocks for future friendships, creativity and intellect.

Children within the Nursery Environment are occupied throughout the week with a variety of learning experiences such as sculpture programs, physical development and yoga.

Nursery Environment children also receive nutritious and delicious meals whipped up with fussy tastebuds in mind. As the littlest Eden Academy members, our 0 – 2 year olds have a particularly nurturing environment to keep them bubbling with contentment all day long.

A day in the Nursery Environment

The smallest members of our community spend their days adventuring, learning, discovering and recharging. From the moment you enter the Nursery Environment, our Educators are there with open arms, ready to welcome your little one to a brand new day.

The Nursery Environment offers many programs designed to inspire the imagination and foster mindfulness. An excursion for the senses, you may find the room alive with song, experimenting with colour, sampling new tastes or feeling new toys.

From physical movement to nourishing meals and angelic rest times, the Nursery Environment nurtures and inspires until the final minute of the day.

Healthy Meals for Under 2

These tiny growing bodies need an abundance of healthy food to power them through their energetic days, tailored for fussy developing tastebuds. 

Designated Rest Area

Rest times are imperative in our Nursery Environment. Dim, quiet and exceptionally comfortable, your little one will return to you well-rested.

Sculpture Program

Discovering new textures, colours, and processes within the Nursery, with colour and painting experiments designed to develop initial fine motor skills and colour recognition.

Physical Activity Program

Whether it’s learning to roll over or mastering dance moves with newly agile limbs, physical activity plays a vital role in our Nursery Environment.

Yoga and Mindfullness

Eden Academy encourages serenity with a Yoga and Mindfulness practise, on the belief that a calm state of mind begins in these formative years.

Weekly Visits From Child Experts

Every week the Nursery Environment is visited by child care experts such as speech, physio and occupational therapists.

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