Kindergarten Environment

Where Kindergarten children aged 4 – 5 come to experiment with structured learning.

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Eden Academy Kindergarten Environment

For Children Aged 4 - 5 Years

Eden Academy’s Kindergarten Environment has been designed to make the most of that final precious year before school. Our 4 – 5 year olds are like little sponges, absorbing everything around them and processing it with a critical mind.

The daily routine of our Kindergarten Environment offers a pathway towards school, introducing a more formalised learning environment balanced with rest, play and fun.

In this age group, the little ones are eager to experiment, be challenged and commence their official journey with learning. Filled with sensory excitement and items to foster creative thinking and friendship skills, the Kindergarten Environment does so much more than prepare them for school.

A day in the Kindergarten Environment

Our studious 4 – 5 year olds spend their days dabbling in school-style activities sandwiched between imaginative play, allowing them to remain young and fun.

Routines gently prepare them for the years ahead, as do activities and learning objectives. Disguised in entertaining, imaginative and playful ways, they don’t even realise their days are a stepping-stone into education.

Mindfulness workshops, tasty meals and physical activity are just some of the fun to be had in Eden Academy’s Kindergarten Environment.

Healthy Meals for Kindergarten Children

Fuelling up our 4 – 5 year olds requires the artful presentation of nutritious food and routine mealtimes with friends.

Designated Rest Area

Though this age group is often determined to avoid a daytime sleep, our designated rest area allows a dreamy relaxation time to recharge.

Sculpture Program

There are no limits to our imaginations within the sculpture program. Further developing our creative and fine motor skills through daily activities of painting, crafting and building.

Physical Activity Program

From obstacle courses to games with rules, physical activity is fun with a small dose of formality to challenge our Kindergarten kids.

Yoga and Mindfullness

Eden Academy encourages serenity with a Yoga and Mindfulness practise, on the belief that a calm state of mind begins in these formative years.

Weekly Visits From Child Experts

Every week the Kindergarten Environment is visited by child care experts such as speech, physio and occupational therapists.

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