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Exploring The World Through Science

Science is all around us, and it’s a great way to encourage a child’s growing curiosity about the world around them. Science week allows us to explore the wonderful world of science with the children and gives them an opportunity to learn more about how things work. From the moment your child starts to crawl and explore, they are conducting experiments of their own. They might be testing out how far they can walk without falling over or whether jumping from a step is more fun than jumping from the floor. Letting children explore their environment means giving them the freedom to explore any questions that come up for them – even if those questions don’t seem like science at first glance! 

Take a look at what our centres got up to this science week! 

Introducing children to science at a young age assists in their brain development. It helps them to grow big ideas and understand fundamental concepts. This will also develop their fine motor skills and concentration!
The best part about science is that it is a hands-on experience and can be experienced in different ways by children of all ages. They can also experience science through different senses such as sight, sound and touch.

Science week is a great time to celebrate science in your classroom and school. We hope you’ve found some great ideas and inspiration for activities, events and resources to use during this important week.