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The wonders of music

Music is a beautiful way to connect with your child; whether it’s singing together, listening to music or dancing, it all adds up and teaches them about their world. Children who frequently hear music develop better auditory skills, language skills, and listening abilities than those who don’t and the learning begins from inside the womb! As we experience these stimuli, our brain develops a pattern that influences how we will learn in the future. Children begin to identify rhythm from a very young age and move to its beats. There is no doubt that music resonates with us as humans and makes us feel things; this is also true for children. Here are some reasons why getting musical with your child is so important…

Educator plays music for children on a ukulele

Using music to connect with your child

Music is a universal language, and it’s easy to see why. We can all relate to music in one way or another—whether it’s our favourite song or the music that makes us feel sad or happy. Dancing and singing are some of the few things parents and kids can do with equal enthusiasm, making it an excellent opportunity to make the most of their relationship.

Children have a similar connection with music as adults do; they often associate certain songs with specific emotions. For example: “If I Had A Hammer” is often associated with anger; “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” is associated with happiness; and “Baby Shark” makes most children laugh uncontrollably!

Music has been proven to help children express themselves better than words alone. It helps them understand what others are feeling through body movement, as they begin to mirror what they see others do, establishing empathy and togetherness.

A refreshing approach to learning

It has been shown that music can also enhance the brain’s visual and cognitive functions and improve auditory skills. Children who listen to music develop greater neurological connections in their brains, which results in better memory and attention span, both of which are crucial during the early stages of childhood. Children are particularly able to build language skills through music as they try to mimic the repetitive sounds found in catchy songs. 

Children that grow up in a household filled with music may find themselves wanting to learn more about the arts and begin to explore other avenues within the arts. This can help them become well-rounded individuals who are comfortable with different types of expression. Music can also be a great way for children to learn about different cultures. It’s common for people from all over the world to write songs that reflect their heritage or experiences. Children might want to listen to these songs and learn more about what makes each culture unique.

Educator dances with an infant to music

Get your boogie on!

Dancing is an excellent way for children to get moving and can be done inside or outside! It can help them learn about patterns, sequences, rhythm and timing, as well as express themselves in a new way. When children are dancing, they’re exercising their bodies and minds. And, of course, singing and dancing are fun! They’re activities that children enjoy doing together, which help children build their social skills and learn about positively interacting with others. Lots of songs for children include “call to action” lyrics that encourage children to copy or replicate certain movements or phrases. To adults, this might sound basic, but for developing brains, these prompts perfectly complement the neurological connections that are forming.


two children using recycled materials as drums

What’s there not to love?

Music is a powerful tool for children, and we’ve just scratched the surface of what it can do for your child. It benefits both your child and you—as parents, you will benefit from the increased connection with your child; as a child, you will be able to use music to help develop important skills like listening and memory. With so many ways in which music can enrich your life together, don’t hesitate any longer: go out there and start making some magic!

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