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Welcome to Eden Academy Pacific Pines Childcare & Kindergarten

Eden Academy Pacific Pines has now opened its doors, bringing a world of nurturing and safe childcare to Pacific Pines.

At Eden Academy Pacific Pines, we’re passionate about providing a nurturing and secure space where young minds can flourish. Our team of caring experts is dedicated to your child’s well-being and development.

Secure your spot by joining our waitlist. Enquire today to embark on a journey where learning is an adventure and each day is filled with wonder.

Stay tuned for updates, and let’s create a bright future for your child together!

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Now Open

Eden Academy

Pacific Pines

At Eden Academy Pacific Pines, we’re not just about childcare; we’re all about creating a world of laughter, curiosity, and growth for your little ones. Our team of amazing childcare educators are here to turn every day into an adventure of discovery. Enquire now and join our waitlist!

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2 – 4 Chatham Avenue, Pacific Pines 4211
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(07) 5551 6785
  • Daily Activities & Excursions
  • Unique Playgrounds
  • Homely Environments
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Educational Program

Curriculum might sound like a big word for little people. But here at Eden, we like to frame our days with purpose and objectives. Sometimes those objectives are a bit elusive, like ‘time on the grass’ or ‘experimenting with sounds’. Other times they’re clearer, like Yoga, dance, painting and pen skills.

Either way, our curriculum ensures that the children we care for are being guided by activities that will encourage age-appropriate development, under the guise of freedom and play.

Going above and beyond the standards of the National Quality Framework, Eden Academy places a large focus on children belonging, being and becoming.

Healthy Meals, Cooking Classes, & Parent Perks at Eden Academy Pacific Pines

The seasonal menu of nutritious meals and snacks was created with a nutritionist and is prepared for the children by the on-site chef.

The centre understands the needs of busy families, which is why they regularly offer a take home meal to parents. There is also complimentary morning tea for parents to enjoy as part of the morning drop off.

Children at the centre can enjoy breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. There’s cereal and toast for breakfast; veggie packed bolognese, fried rice or chicken pasta bake for lunch; fruit platters, muffins and scrolls for snacks. Children are also given opportunities to develop their cooking skills through interactive classes with the centre chef on a weekly basis.

What's Included in Your Eden Academy Experience

Meals Provided and Made In-house Daily

Hat, Drink Bottle, Backpack and T-shirt

All Nappies and Wipes

Educational Incursions

Password protected Sign-in and Sign-out

Parenting Information

Kindergarten School Readiness Program

Year Round Care*

*Closed on Public Holidays and Partial Opening over Christmas
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Contact Eden Academy Pacific Pines to Learn More

Thank you for your interest in Eden Academy Pacific Pines. To find out more about our programs, book a tour, or join our waitlist please fill in your details below and we will be in touch within 48 hours, if not sooner.

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