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Experiencing the Eden Academy Difference First Hand

Eden Academy was created to be the point of difference in Early Childhood Education and Care not only for families but for its Educators and Staff too. Owners Chris Sacre and Sean Collins knew that in order to provide excellence in care for children, staff needed to be taken care of themselves, feel valued and genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. For Early Childhood Teacher Fiona Cooper, this was precisely the work environment she needed to reignite her passion for teaching. 

“I was incredibly hesitant to go back to teaching as my last job took all of my blood, sweat and tears. I was done with childcare until I came across Eden Academy. What attracted me most to the company was that it was new, fresh, inviting and Chris and Sean’s different approach to childcare really resonated with me.” 

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Fiona began working at Eden Academy Maroochydore as the Kindergarten teacher and couldn’t contain her excitement about her new role. She started sharing videos with her Facebook friends, touring them around the facilities and passionately sharing how different working at Eden Academy was. 

“I came into the room and looked at all of the resources, which are just gorgeous. It’s not your sterile, boring, under-resourced place! Everything I want, including when I asked for an interactive whiteboard, I’ve got. I have everything I could dream of,” she candidly shares in a video.  

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But it’s not only the resourcing of the centre that is a stand out for Fiona, but the team culture and environment too. In another Facebook video, Fiona takes her friends for a tour around the staff room, pointing out the little details that make a big difference to her work life.  

“I found this poster with a QR Code, and what I can do is I can talk directly to the owners and let them know how my job is going. Then, I noticed another poster saying that we have an all-expenses-paid for a day out at a winery!”

A Place for You to Grow 

Educators and Teachers have the very important role of equipping children with the skills and tools they need to grow and flourish in their early years. We know that in order to grow the very best of little people, we must also invest in the growth and development of our Educators and Teachers. Before finding Eden, Fiona spent 3.5 years working in Early Childhood Education after moving on from Primary Teaching. She strives to be the best teacher she can be and has already made the most of Eden Academy’s professional development opportunities.  

“My last place of work had no professional development or training. I believe it is highly important to keep up with new trends, theorist’s and philosophies. I also want to challenge myself in my career.”

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Beginning your Career with Eden Academy

As both a Childcare and Kindergarten Service, Eden Academy has a wide variety of job opportunities all over Australia. For Fiona, finding the right environment to continue working with little learners as a Bachelor Qualified Early Childhood Teacher was incredibly important to her.

“It is like a community of kind, caring people who want only the best for the children.”

It is our pleasure to have Fiona as a part of the Maroochydore team, and we love the energy that she brings. 

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