Learning Environments

Carefully curated Learning Environments designed to meet the developmental needs of Eden Academy’s four age groups.

Nursery Environment

0 - 2 Years

In the Nursery Environment, our children are beginning to explore the dynamic world around them. These formative years are imperative to growth and happiness, acting as the building blocks for future friendships, creativity and intellect.

Children within the Nursery Environment are occupied throughout the week with a variety of learning experiences such as sculpture programs, physical development and yoga.

Nursery Environment children also receive nutritious and delicious meals whipped up with fussy tastebuds in mind. As the littlest Eden Academy members, our 0 – 2 year olds have a particularly nurturing environment to keep them bubbling with contentment all day long.

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Toddler Environment

2 - 3 Years

After so much growth and development in their first two years of life, our dynamic toddlers are ready to put their newfound knowledge and skills to use.

Our Toddler Environment simultaneously sparks the imagination and inspires calm, with age-appropriate challenges encouraging new ways of thinking. In this age group, our little ones are expanding their wings and experimenting with concepts like sharing, power, independence and kindness.

Our collection of toys and calendar of activities have been selected to bring out the very best in our 2 – 3 year olds and help them overcome any difficulties they face tackling each day. Within these walls, there’s little truth in the terms ‘terrible twos’ and ‘threenager’.

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Pre-Kindy Environment

3 - 4 Years

Overflowing with opinions, ideas and enthusiasm, our Pre-Kindy kids are a bundle of fun…and the Pre-Kindy Environment has been modelled accordingly.

Eden’s 3 – 4 year olds are offered a steady introduction to structured learning, allowing them to begin easing towards school years without losing the sense of fun and play.

Confidence blossoms in our Pre-Kindy group as they find pride in their creations, establish bravery with their physical movement and develop genuine friendships with humans of their own size.

Designed to conquer boredom in meaningful and constructive ways, the Pre-Kindy Environment can transform from a lively dance session to a silent mindfulness routine within the space of a few minutes.

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Kindergarten Environment

4 - 5 Years

Eden Academy’s Kindergarten Environment has been designed to make the most of that final precious year before school. Our 4 – 5 year olds are like little sponges, absorbing everything around them and processing it with a critical mind.

The daily routine of our Kindergarten Environment offers a pathway towards school, introducing a more formalised learning environment balanced with rest, play and fun.

In this age group, the little ones are eager to experiment, be challenged and continue the journey of learning. Filled with sensory excitement and items to foster creative thinking and friendship skills, the Kindergarten Environment does so much more than prepare them for school.

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