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Working at Eden Academy as a Lead Educator

At Eden Academy, we recognise the hard work and dedication that each Educator puts into each and every day and celebrate their achievements. Today we celebrate Lead Educator Tahni Hobb, who began working at our Bardon Centre in early 2021 after hearing about her friends’ experience as an Educator at Eden. Tahni began working in the Early Childhood industry 4 years ago and notes how positive her experience has been working for Eden Academy.

“From when you stepped in it felt like home. All the staff throughout the interview process were amazing and the centre itself is just amazing.”

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Tahni began working in the Junior Kindy room, as an Assistant Educator, and focused on building strong relationships with families and children. Her warm and nurturing nature meant that the children quickly formed strong bonds with her and she established herself as a core team member within the room. This was recognised by her director, Katherine Downes, and Tahni was offered the Lead Educator position in the Toddler room the following year. 

“I feel like they listen to your opinion. They want it to strive to do better and they listen to their employees. Every concern or thing we have brought up like increasing annual leave, they have listened. The support system really is there.” 

Tahni holding a Child

A Day in the Life

A typical day for me starts early or late depending on my shift, my roster allows me to have a late start one week, and an early finish the next. I really enjoy it because it gives me the flexibility I need to get things done throughout the week. When I arrive, I prepare the learning environments by placing out the daily activities. We use the time throughout the morning to engage in follow up activities from previous day and to extend on the children’s’ learning and interests. After our morning play, things get busier as we feed and put our babies to bed. During this time we get to give lots of cuddles and hugs before the children go down to sleep to help settle them into the routine. After the children wake up we continue with meaningful conversations and interactions with the children while allowing them to explore and discover their own interests. 

Even with a familiar routine, no day at Eden Academy is the same; the educators have the freedom to plan a program that is relevant to the children’s needs and goals. This includes incursions that add an additional element to the learning experiences and provide us with fresh ways of looking at some of the activities we already know and love. 

Life at Eden: Lead Educator Tahni Hobb | IMG 9413 scaled

The Eden Academy Difference

Not only do we want our families and children to experience the Eden Academy Difference, but our Educators too. We know that our success in providing outstanding services is only possible because of our Educators, so we strive to support them in their work day-to-day and in their career as a whole. What that means is, we provide support from a team who cares about the centres as much as our Educators do (in other words, we say “yes” when you ask for the resources you need).

“Eden is by far the best company I have worked for in childcare. Our management is always there for us and will always want to support and build on your professional development to make you the best educator you can be.” 

It is our pleasure to support Tahni as she continues to flourish in her career at Eden Academy and we are delighted to have her as part of the Eden Academy family. 

Thank you and Congratulations, Tahni! 

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