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Eden Academy Kindergarten Program

Equip Your Child For Prep With Our Kindergarten Program

We want to provide your child with the best start at school possible; that’s why our Kindergarten programs are government-approved and led by an experienced bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher! And the best part is, our Kindergarten runs throughout school holidays (aside from our Christmas closure), so your child has access to care year-long.

Our Kindergarten program provides a space where your child can learn, grow and explore in an already comfortable and familiar environment! Your child joins a class full of their friends from Pre-Kindy, and educators who have been part of their Eden journey from day one.

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Approved Kindergarten Program

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Play Me & Learn More

Australia's Fastest Growing Childcare & Kindergarten

With 24 centres both open and in development – we're Australia's fastest growing childcare & kindergarten provider. Eden Academy is 3 years old, and has quickly massed a family-like culture within our centres and communities.

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Social & Emotional Development

According to Prep teachers, emotional regulation is the most crucial skill a child can have when beginning school. Learning can only happen once a child is happy, calm and comfortable in their learning environment. We focus heavily on helping children learn, recognise and process big emotions and give them the tools to reach out for help!

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Meals Provided

Choosing the right diet for your child can be challenging, but Eden Academy is here to help! All meals are prepared on-site by our in-house cooks, so you can be confident that your child is getting the nutrition they need to grow whilst learning to love a variety of foods!

Homely Environments

We create learning environments that provide children with the space they need to learn routines and learn life skills they will need in everyday life. Each room has the comforts you'd expect to find in your own home, along with plenty of room to explore and play.

Daily Activities & Excursions

Our passionate educators plan engaging learning experiences tailored to the children's interests. Whether it be a classroom project, an excursion to the local park or a visit from our yoga, dance, cultural, animal partners, you can trust that your child's day has been filled with learning and fun!

Our Beautifully Crafted, Purpose Built Childcare Centres



Adelaide | Vacancies Available


Brisbane | Vacancies Available


Brisbane | Open Now

Broadbeach Waters

Gold Coast | Open Now


Moreton Bay | Now Open

Christies Beach

Adelaide | Limited Vacancies


Brisbane | Open Now


Melbourne | Vacancies Available


Cairns | Est. Opening Q3 2024


Melbourne | Open Now


Melbourne | Open Now


Adelaide | Est. Opening Q1 2024


Brisbane | Vacancies Available

Harris Crossing

Townsville | Vacancies Available

Holland Park

Brisbane | Open Now

Huntfield Heights

Adelaide | Vacancies Available

Isle of Capri

Gold Coast | Open Now

Junction Village

Melbourne | Est. Opening Q3 2024

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Star rating

"There is nothing more important and more difficult to do than trusting someone else with your children. But the whole team at Eden have made it so easy. From our first day I have felt at home and assured that my children would get only the very best of care and attention throughout the day.

With a multitude of activities for them to enjoy, delicious food (yum!), and excellent communication throughout the day on how they are travelling I couldn't ask for me. If you want to drop your children off to a centre that feels like a home away from home, then Eden is the place for you!"

Mikki Richardson – Eden Academy Corinda