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What To Expect From Eden Academy’s Kindergarten Program

Play Me!

We want to provide your child with the best start at school possible; that’s why our Kindergarten programs are government-approved and led by an experienced bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher!

Our Kindergarten program provides a space where your child can learn, grow and explore in an already comfortable and familiar environment! Your child joins a class full of their friends from Pre-Kindy, and educators who have been part of their Eden journey from day one. 

For those starting at Eden for the first time for kindergarten, the well-established routines and children who are familiar with them will help guide your child through their day, helping them settle much faster!

Eden Academy Kindergarten teachers helps child with their show and tell

Social and Emotional Development

According to Prep teachers, emotional regulation is the most crucial skill a child can have when beginning school. Learning can only happen once a child is happy, calm and comfortable in their learning environment. We focus heavily on helping children learn, recognise and process big emotions and give them the tools to reach out for help! 

Social skills are also crucial for children to form friendships and build relationships with their educators. A child’s confidence and social skills are more likely to develop when they have the opportunity to interact with peers and observe others around them, which is why learning through play is so important. We offer our kindergarten students many opportunities for free play and structured play, so they become accustomed to following a routine and learning to identify their interests. 

Kindergarten at Eden Academy: Equip Your Child for Prep | IMG 1818 scaled

Academic Skills

Of course, in kindergarten, children learn about letters, sounds, numbers and shapes in an engaging combination of mat time and practical activities. We give children a solid foundation for these skills to be further developed as they enter school, and we teach them how to use these skills in real-world situations. Your child might be encouraged to write their name to “sign in” and “sign out” each day, or perhaps we need to count how many socks we have in lost property! Our experienced teachers ensure that these academic concepts are reinforced throughout the day in unique ways which get the children to use their newfound knowledge and skills in the most engaging way possible.

Our curriculum aligns with state and national standards, so you can be sure your child is learning what they need to know for a great start at school! We partner with our local schools so we can keep up to date with the prep – year 1 curriculum and strengthen relationships within our community. 

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the small movements that your child makes with their hands and fingers, such as holding a pencil or tying their shoes. Gross motor skills are the larger movements that your child makes using their arms, legs, and whole body, such as running, jumping and throwing.

Fine motor skills are essential for school because, without them, children cannot learn how to write or draw. They are also unable to use scissors, paint brushes and other mark-making tools, so it’s critical to begin developing these skills before they start school.

Gross motor skills are equally important because they help children learn how to interact with their environment by moving their bodies in different ways and even helping with developing core muscles so they can sit on the mat for group times.

Kindergarten at Eden Academy: Equip Your Child for Prep | IMG 2947 scaled

Learning at a pace that suits them!

We understand that each child is unique and learns in their own way! With school being the more formal delivery of academic skills, kindergarten is the perfect balance of play and structured learning so the child can learn the foundations of these skills in the way that suits them the best! We know that children learn by doing; if they are given a chance to engage in activities that allow them to explore, investigate and create their own knowledge, then they will learn so much more, especially in the younger years. We understand that children learn best when having fun and that’s exactly what our program provides.

Enquire about Kindergarten at Eden Academy for 2023

Our Kindergarten program at Eden Academy aims to provide a space where your child can learn, grow and explore. We believe that kindergarten is an important time in a child’s life, as it marks the beginning of their formal education. Our program helps prepare children for life at school by giving them opportunities to engage with their environment, develop skills such as self-control and independence, and build foundations for future academic success. Enquire today about enrolling your child in Kindergarten for 2023!

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