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Breaking the Barrier: Affordable Childcare Discount for Working Mums

Returning to work after maternity leave can be challenging for new mothers, especially with the ever-increasing cost of living. For Kirra, the prospect of returning to work and affording childcare for her daughter was daunting; however, with her background in early childhood education and lucky discovery of Eden Academy’s childcare staff discount benefits, she could return to work with confidence in her new job!

Kirra had always been passionate about working with children, and her studies in early childhood education had prepared her for a career in the field. When she learned about Eden Academy’s 95% gap fee discount for staff members on childcare fees, she knew she could comfortably afford to place her daughter in the centre and return to work. The discount allowed her to overcome the financial challenges of returning to work and provided her with the opportunity to pursue her career goals.

Kirra receives a 95% discount on her childcare fees

“I’m so lucky to be able to receive this discount so I can afford my bills otherwise I wouldn’t be able to put my daughter in care”

From a mother’s perspective, Kirra appreciated the nurturing and safe environment that Eden Academy provided for her daughter. She also found that Eden’s reputation for excellent pay and extra annual leave made it a desirable workplace where she could contribute her skills and experience and be able to relax and recharge when needed.

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Kirra joined the team at Eden Academy Maroochydore as the lead educator for toddlers, a role that allowed her to shape young children’s learning experiences and inspire her colleagues.

Kirra’s experience as a lead educator at Eden Academy has been a significant highlight of her time at the centre. Having worked in various roles previously, mostly without being permanently in a room, Kirra relishes the opportunity to run the program and shape the children’s learning experiences as the lead educator.

In her role, Kirra has the freedom to develop and implement programs that align with her philosophy and style of teaching. She enjoys creating lesson plans that inspire and engage the children in her care, helping them develop a love for learning that will last a lifetime. Kirra is passionate about early childhood education, and her role as a lead educator has allowed her to channel that passion into her work.

Kirra’s desire to run the program and shape the children’s learning experiences is rooted in her teaching philosophy. She believes that each child is unique and should be treated as an individual with their own learning style, pace, and interests. She strives to create a supportive and nurturing environment where children feel safe, respected and encouraged to explore and learn.

She also is committed to furthering her education and building her skills in early childhood and primary education. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education through Swinburne online.

Working at Eden Academy as a Lead Educator has provided Kirra with an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience in early childhood education while she completes her degree. The center’s supportive environment has allowed her to apply the theories and concepts learned in her classes to real-life situations. She is learning how to design and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum, observe and assess children’s learning, and collaborate with other educators, among other things.

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The Swinburne online program also offers Kirra the flexibility to study while continuing to work as a Lead Educator at Eden Academy. She can balance her academic commitments with her work responsibilities and her role as a mother, making the most of her time while building her skills and knowledge.

Eden Academy’s discount benefits for childcare fees have profoundly and positively impacted Kirra’s life. She was able to afford high-quality childcare and confidently return to work, pursuing her career goals in early childhood education. Such benefits not only support the workforce but also benefit the children in their care. Kirra’s experience demonstrates the positive impact that access to affordable childcare can have on mothers returning to work, enabling them to contribute to their chosen profession while balancing their role as a mother.

Kirra, we are so proud that you have chosen Eden Academy as your workplace and trust us to care for your own daughter, too. We are excited to continue supporting you as you grow in your role and studies!

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