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Child Care Subsidy Calculator

The Government Child Care Subsidy makes early learning more affordable for many Australians. The below guide is provided to help break down the benefits for you and your family.

A new law is expected to be passed in July 2023 that will increase the Child Care Subsidy for families earning under $530,000. The CCS percentage varies depending on your family’s income. The income limit to receive the maximum CCS is increasing. In the future, families earning up to $80,000 will receive 85% to 90% more CCS benefits. If you already receive CCS, no action is needed to get the increased amount. We will apply the changes to your CCS automatically.

Really responsive to working with us on Archer’s growth, such as sleeping and toileting. The teachers are engaging, kind, and do a great job.

VictoriaEden Academy Middle Park
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Once You've Calculated Your CCS, Discover Your Preferred Centre Below



Adelaide | Vacancies Available


Brisbane | Vacancies Available


Brisbane | Open Now

Broadbeach Waters

Gold Coast | Open Now


Moreton Bay | Now Open

Christies Beach

Adelaide | Limited Vacancies


Brisbane | Open Now


Melbourne | Vacancies Available


Cairns | Est. Opening Q3 2024


Melbourne | Open Now


Melbourne | Open Now


Adelaide | Est. Opening Q1 2024


Brisbane | Vacancies Available

Harris Crossing

Townsville | Vacancies Available

Holland Park

Brisbane | Open Now

Huntfield Heights

Adelaide | Vacancies Available

Isle of Capri

Gold Coast | Open Now

Junction Village

Melbourne | Est. Opening Q3 2024