Child care packages

The Government Child Care Subsidy makes early learning more affordable for many Australians. The below guide is provided to help break down the benefits for you and your family

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Your Child Care Subsidy will depend

on three factors

Work related activity

The amount of hours you and your partner undertake each fortnight. The entitlement is based on the lesser activity figure for a member of a couple.

Combined family income

Your Subsidy Percentage you could be entitled to is dependant on your combined family income.

Early education child care undertaken

Each type of child care service has an hourly rate cap. Your Subsidy Percentage will be based whichever is lower of the hourly fee or the rate cap.

Child Care Subsidy Estimator

    Select an education centre close to you

    Corinda--107Middle Park--99Bardon--120Holland park--140

    How many hours will your child be spending at daycare

    8hrs--89hrs--910hrs--10All day--12

    Your combined Family income

    $0 to $68,163--85More than $68,163 to below $173,163--69$173,163 to below $252,453--50$252,453 to below $342,453--35$342,453 to below $352,453--20$352,453 or more--0

    How many days do you think your child will attend?

    [rangeslider rangeslider-648 step:1 min:1 max:6 Prefix:Days color:#3b3d18 calslider:left caltoltip:top]

    How many children are going to attend?

    What best describes your family?*

    Couple, both working full timeCouple, one working,one not workingSole Parent, working full timeSole Parent, not workingCouple, one working full time,one part timeCouple, both not workingSole Parent, working part-timeOther

    What are the hours of recognised activity typically undertaken each fortnight by the parent who does the least?*

    0 - 7 hours8 - 16 hours17 - 48 hours49+ hours

    Hourly subsidy based on the hourly fee

    [calculator calculator-433 "(radio-753 / radio-173) * (radio-652 / 100)"]

    Weekly subsidy

    [calculator calculator-381 "(calculator-433 * radio-173) * rangeslider-648"]

    Weekly out of the pocket expense

    [calculator calculator-940 "(radio-753 * rangeslider-648) - calculator-381"]

    Weekly out of the pocket expense for all children

    [calculator calculator-940 "((radio-753 * rangeslider-648) - calculator-381) * number-86"]

    Please note. This calculator is an estimate only. Changes to Gowrie NSW fees, the Child Subsidy law or your individual circumstances may alter the amount of Child Care Subsidy you are actually entitled to.

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    Use our FREE estimator above to find out approximately how much Child Care Subsidy you can expect to receive when you enroll your children at a Edens Academy centre close to you!

    Please note that all values provided are estimationsand are not definitive. The estimator provides a guide in Australian dollars and are based on the fees of the specific Eden centre chosen in conjunction with your own individual circumstances.

    Any changes or amendments to Eden Academy centre fees, legislation and your own circumstances will mean that any Child Care Subsidy you are entitled to may be different to the estimation provided.