5 Benefits of Childcare

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5 Reasons Childcare Is Highly Beneficial For Your Little One

Whether you’re signing them up for your personal sanity, work demands or because they seem ready, it’s easy to succumb to a little fear and guilt. In the midst of touring various childcare centres and acclimatising them to the idea, you’re probably questioning if it’s the right decision, even giving your little one hints you have your concerns. 

Though this phase of doubt is completely normal and very common, the truth is that childcare is highly beneficial for your tiny human’s personal development. From their independence and social skills to their capacity for learning and readiness for school, there are so many reasons signing up to Eden Academy will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.  

Childcare increases independence

The idea of your little one gaining independence can be a frightening one, perhaps even leading you to believe they won’t need you anymore. In reality, independence is a healthy part of development that gives children the ability to overcome fears, enjoy their own company and establish an age-appropriate level of resilience. Though childcare may shake off that clingy, attached-to-your-ankle style of neediness, your little one will need you in all new ways. In fact, the evolution of how they rely on you once in childcare is likely to be very welcomed and nothing short of adorable. 

Childcare introduces the routine of school

There’s no denying it. Childcare forms a fundamental part of school readiness and can make the first year of official learning something of a breeze. A schedule of 9am-3pm 5 days per week differs by just 10-hours to what most adults undertake with a 9am-5pm. Given this, it’s not hard to imagine how utterly overwhelming school can be for a child that has never known routine or structured learning. By enrolling your little one in Eden Academy a couple of years before school, you are giving them a head start and allowing a softened adjustment period into the many years ahead. 

Childcare enhances a child’s capacity for learning

Little minds are like little sponges, waiting to absorb everything around them. As cosy and lovely as a home environment may be, it’s impossible to compare to the dynamic learning environment of a childcare centre. It’s the culmination of stimulating toys, books and artworks in every corner, educators on hand to offer day-long entertainment, and of course, the numerous other children around them sparking their imaginations. Learning is enhanced significantly by the setting of Eden Academy and will foster a curiosity for the world around them. 

Childcare develops vital social skills

It is commonly noted that children who haven’t attended childcare struggle more than others with the social aspects of school life. Though they may have intermingled with a few family-friends or kids at the park, being at Eden Academy offers an opportunity to develop social skills with the absence of parents and familiarity. By establishing these much-needed socialisation habits from an early age, the likelihood of friendship problems in the years to come diminishes significantly. By signing your little one up for childcare you are giving them a chance to establish vital friendship skills; one of the keys to happiness in the years ahead. 

Childcare improves behaviour

When a large group of toddlers get together – say at a birthday party or family gathering – the mood can usually be described as mass hysteria. The silly jokes, squeals and excitement multiply and increase, with each child fuelling the other one into a heightened version of their usual self. Surprisingly, a childcare setting doesn’t have this same impact. From the beginning, the children understand the certain level of formalities required for the setting, respect the role of their educators and behave with a kind of calm and courtesy that often surprises their parents. By observing the behaviour of other children and adhering to the rules and limitations set by their leaders, you may notice your little one is better behaved than ever before. Rejoice!