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About Eden Academy

Revolutionising The
Childcare Industry

Our aim is simple – to provide excellence in early childhood care and education in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment. We know the importance of a child’s first six years of life and honour that responsibility in all that we do.

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Educational Program

Curriculum might sound like a big word for little people. But here at Eden, we like to frame our days with purpose and objectives. Sometimes those objectives are a bit elusive, like ‘time on the grass’ or ‘experimenting with sounds’. Other times they’re clearer, like Yoga, dance, painting and pen skills.

Either way, our curriculum ensures that the children we care for are being guided by activities that will encourage age-appropriate development, under the guise of freedom and play.

Going above and beyond the standards of the National Quality Framework, Eden Academy places a large focus on children belonging, being and becoming.

Parent Involvement

At Eden Academy, we are committed to forging strong partnerships with our families. We make family input and participation a top priority in all of our centres and strive to create bonds between our parents and educators.

In line with our efforts to represent a diverse range of family sizes, backgrounds, orientations and cultures, we highly encourage our families to come by to volunteer or to take an active role in sharing their experiences with the children. To make this possible, we have many special occasions where we invite our parents and families to the centre, to join in and celebrate with us.

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